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Ponies, Freundschaft, Muffins!

This is your singing telegram, I hope it finds you well !
You’re invited to a party cause we think you’re really swell !
Gummy’s turning one year old so help us celebrate !
The cake will be delicious, the festivities first-rate !
There will be games and dancing, Bob for apples, cut-a-rug* !
And when the party’s over we’ll gather ‚round for a group hug !
No need to bring a gift, being there will be enough !
Birthdays mean having fun with friends, not getting lots of stuf !.
It won’t be the same without you so we hope that you say yes !
So please, oh please, RSVP** and come and be our guest !

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Vormerkungen für 2020:

  • 28.02.-01.03.2020: Hearth’s Warming Con, Haarlem, Netherlands –
  • 08.05.-10.05.2020 oder 15.07-17.05.2020: BronyRadioGermany MeetupCon
  • 03.07.-05.07.2020: The Festival of Friendship Sweden
  • 18.07.-20.07.2020: Bronies NRW Camping
  • 01.08.-02.08.2020: GalaCon 2020 –
  • 11.09.-13.09.2020: EuroBronyCon in Wien, Österreich –
  • Voraussichtlich 04.-06. oder 18.-20.09.2020 Everfree Encore – Eine Veranstaltung des Pony Events e.V. –